Budget Friendly Interior Design Ideas and Tips

We all want a pretty house. But money doesn't grow on trees. Wouldn't it be awesome if it did? Agh. Anyways, we all know it doesn't, which is super lame, but I digress. You and I don't have unlimited budgets (or even remotely close) so we have to get creative and make our homes pretty in unexpected and clever ways. I believe that simplicity is key, especially when working within a restrictive budget. Editing is so important in design. What you take away is just as important (or maybe even more important than what you add). This is great news for your wallet because it means you select very carefully and you don't over do it.

Budget friendly interior design ideas. Easy things that I can actually do. Love these decorating tips.

Honey Facial Scrub and Free Printable Label

Whenever my face feels icky, honey is my go-to solution. I have tried expensive brews. But nature really did get it right. Add a little sugar for exfoliation and some lemon for brightening and you have yourself a serious natural beauty remedy! Plus it is the absolute most perfect DIY homemade gift in the entire universe. That's why I took the liberty of creating these six different labels for your concoctions. You're welcome. I am going to be giving these as party favors at an upcoming party I'm throwing. Don't be jealous.