How I Created a Butler's Pantry from a Builder Grade Closet Pantry

We built our house and the subsequent years have been spent trying to make it seem like we didn't. You know, all the builder grade options. I have changed out light fixtures and plumbing fixtures galore, added woodwork... all the things. But I think the biggest change so far has been converting our closet pantry into a walkin butler's pantry. It's now one of my favorite things about my house!

How to turn a builder grade closet pantry into a custom butler's pantry
First, we obviously had to remove all the shelving. I didn't bother fixing the holes in the walls or anything like that because I knew the cabinets and shiplap would cover it.

We actually got these cabinets and countertops for free because my husband was working for a homebuilder and they were getting rid of them (bonus). But you can definately find afforable cabinets and countertops and then just have them installed, or install yourself. I will admit, I was all about the DIY in my younger years, but now I have found some trusted friends who do I use to contract jobs. It takes a little work but if you ask around you can find people who do work at really fair prices.

I wanted to be able to see into the space better so I had the doorway widdened. Unfortunately, it coudln't be widdened as much as I wanted because there we a beam in the way. So we could only go about 5 inches wider, but it still made a difference.

Here it is in the background of me showing off my outfit :)
Here is what the pantry used to look like...
Once the space was cleared we had one of those contractors we love for finish work install the cabinets. His brother in law happens to be a countertop guy so he cut and installed the countertops. Then the finish work guy also installed the shiplap and floating shelves. The shelves are so thick so I don't have to worry about how heavy all the items on them are, they can handle tons of weight.

I am not without my DIY skills completely though, I caulked and painted... which was no small feat.

I'm pretty good at painting, even in my old age ;). A few months later I installed this adorable plaid wallpaper that added the perfect finishing touch.

And no, I didn't bother moving the bag of carrots or making my cork board look pretty for this picture. If we could all agree that's not necessary and move on that would be great. k, thanks.

Gorgeous Party Idea for a Girl's Night Out: DIY Meditation Beads

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram when I noticed one of my friends had posted a photo of her meditation beads, aka, Mala Beads. I was intrigued, and started to google. Not only are these beads pretty but they have a pretty cool purpose. I wanted some! As it happened, it was my turn to host a party for my beloved group of girl friends... so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

The Prettiest Floral Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

I may be a little biased. Ok, a lot. I designed this beautiful navy and pink floral shower curtain and it's available in my Society 6 Shop. The gorgeous photo below is from 111 Light Lane. I love her blog, her style, everything! I especially love that she found my design all on her own and loved it enough to put it in her stunning home. That makes me happy to say the least.

I just love how the light shines through and makes it feel so bright and happy. It adds the perfect amount of light and color to this bathroom! Visit 111 Light Lane to see her entire bathroom remodel, it's super cute.