Gorgeous Party Idea for a Girl's Night Out: DIY Meditation Beads

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram when I noticed one of my friends had posted a photo of her meditation beads, aka, Mala Beads. I was intrigued, and started to google. Not only are these beads pretty but they have a pretty cool purpose. I wanted some! As it happened, it was my turn to host a party for my beloved group of girl friends... so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

First I read a few things about Mala Beads. I discovered they include 108 beads, a guru bead, and a tassel. There are lots of reasons for the number of beads. Do a little googling if you're interested. Then I visited Hobby Lobby. Since there was 11 of us and we each needed 108 beads, I pretty much bought them out of their "natural" beads. I got stuff like, Jasper, Jade, Amzonite, and Quartz.

Make sure you get enough string, and make sure it's strong! Each person is going to need quite a bit of string.

If you don't want to make your own, you can always purchase one. :)

I was in a big hurry so I quickly printed some little signs on my computer. They could have been cuter but my printer is currently out of color ink. Ha! You do what you can, ya know.

We ordered Thai takeout for dinner but we sent a cute table, decorated with my friend's collection of stones, and tulips (because it just happens to be Spring). The cute pink plates are at IKEA and I think they are about $36 for a set of 6. So fun for parties!

My friend and I had built this cute "chandelier" last summer for a party in a big white tent (that's another story), but it came in really handy. Luckily, there is a loft in my house right above where this table sits so we hung it from the loft banister. I used the bead string to hang it (told you I bought the strong stuff). This thing is a lot heavier than it looks.

We made it out of a hula hoop, covered it with gold duct tape, and wrapped battery operated lights around it, then hung ribbons and strings from it. It's such a cute bohemian vibe.

I hope you love this idea! We had so much fun chatting while we made our beads. I hope you and your girls have fun too!  XOXO

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