The Prettiest Floral Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

I may be a little biased. Ok, a lot. I designed this beautiful navy and pink floral shower curtain and it's available in my Society 6 Shop. The gorgeous photo below is from 111 Light Lane. I love her blog, her style, everything! I especially love that she found my design all on her own and loved it enough to put it in her stunning home. That makes me happy to say the least.

I just love how the light shines through and makes it feel so bright and happy. It adds the perfect amount of light and color to this bathroom! Visit 111 Light Lane to see her entire bathroom remodel, it's super cute.

The best thing about Society 6 though is that they make my designs into all sorts of stuff! Here is that same navy and pink floral design as a throw pillow! {Shop Here}

I have this pillow on my sundeck, along with a few other pillows I've designed...
Flamingo Pillow
Pink Watercolor Stripe Pillow
See all my pillow designed

Here are a few of my other favorite shower curtains...

This is my latest and I seriously love this in a pretty white bathroom! Right? {See this curtain}

This on is a little more dramatic. Love it too much. {See this curtain}

There are more... check them out. Let me know what you think. <3

I have a new goal to create at least two new design PER WEEK! That's crazy... but I am going to try!
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