Why I Chose Microblading

You must have heard about it by now. It's that crazy thing women are doing, you know, tattooing their faces. Well, I did it. And as most tattoos are regrettable, I don't regret it even a little. Of course, I did my research on Microblading in Utah, which is obviously where I live. And I found Creekside Brows. Jenny is amazing. Some people just have talent and vision. Jenny is one of them.

Just take a gander at my before and after photo. Look how happy I am to have new brows! Now to answer your questions...

Did it hurt? Not at all.
How long did it take to heal? I was all healed after 10 days. I still have to go to my touch up and will need to heal again after that.
What is microblading? It's basically little tattooed individual hairs that then shape your existing brows, and make them prettier.

Now let's talk about my brows. I have always had brow issues. Years ago when my sister in law was applying for a job (which she got) at the Nordstrom Mac counter, she decided she couldn't possibly use me as her demonstration model because she didn't know what to do with my brows! Once, in high school, my boyfriend's little brother said to me... "Nice eyebrows." He was like 7.

I did a little modeling when I was about 18.

See how good my brows look? That's because they plucked them off in the middle. I literally only had half a brow! The makeup artists couldn't make my brows the right shape without getting rid of half of them. There were a few times in high school when my brow rubbed off and I left school to fix it. Oh man. The trauma! Haha.

Fast forward 20 years. Dang, now you know how old I am. I really, really was not a fan of my brows. It wasn't as up setting as it was in high school (nothing ever is). But I still had to use a brow stencil everyday and I didn't like to go out of the house without my brows done. I longed to have well-shaped, full brows.

I really am thrilled with the results. She worked with what I had (didn't pluck them out and tattoo up above) to make a beautiful, maintenance-free shape. If you are thinking of it, I recommend it. If you are in the Salt Lake City area (or close by) you should go to Jenny!

Here is a little more of her work...

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