Honey Facial Scrub and Free Printable Label

Whenever my face feels icky, honey is my go-to solution. I have tried expensive brews. But nature really did get it right. Add a little sugar for exfoliation and some lemon for brightening and you have yourself a serious natural beauty remedy! Plus it is the absolute most perfect DIY homemade gift in the entire universe. That's why I took the liberty of creating these six different labels for your concoctions. You're welcome. I am going to be giving these as party favors at an upcoming party I'm throwing. Don't be jealous. 

Here's how to make your own beauty scrub.
You need:
Honey. Granulated sugar. Lemon.
Cute jar is optional.

Usually I will make this one batch at a time but it will stay good, unrefrigerated, pretty indefinitely. That said, don't get mad at me when it doesn't last for years and years :)

Mix your honey and sugar together. Consistency is key. You want to mimic other facial scrubs you have used. Don't stress. If you add too much sugar you can always add more honey.

Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. For a small bottle I squeeze about 1/8 of a lemon. If I were making a single use I would just squeeze in a few drops.

I'm not entirely sure where I found this adorable jar. Love. I was thinking I found it at Target but I might be  imagining things. Here is a link to similar bottles at Hobby Lobby: Link. Come to think of it, maybe I did find it at Hobby Lobby. Agh, it's all a blur ;)

I hope you love these labels I created for you. They are all the perfect size for the bottle. I simply printed them, cut it out and sprayed it with spray adhesive and then secured it to the jar. So easy and so cute.  Click below to...

So there you have it. I hope you try it and love it. And I hope you gift it. I just know your BFFs will love it too!


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