Budget Friendly Interior Design Ideas and Tips

We all want a pretty house. But money doesn't grow on trees. Wouldn't it be awesome if it did? Agh. Anyways, we all know it doesn't, which is super lame, but I digress. You and I don't have unlimited budgets (or even remotely close) so we have to get creative and make our homes pretty in unexpected and clever ways. I believe that simplicity is key, especially when working within a restrictive budget. Editing is so important in design. What you take away is just as important (or maybe even more important than what you add). This is great news for your wallet because it means you select very carefully and you don't over do it.

Budget friendly interior design ideas. Easy things that I can actually do. Love these decorating tips.

My first tip is to create beautiful art work by hanging a group of matching frames together. You can either frame a similar fabric or paper pattern to create your grouping (as seen below)...

... Or you could paint your own simple patterns. This look below could be easily reproduced with some watercolors and some painter's tape. Hey, I think I might just try this! So pretty, simple and gorgeous!

My next tip is to decorate with books. They are abundantly available at thrift stores... or for free in your basement ;). Get a couple different colors of solid wrapping paper (I love the white and cream) and wrap them. You remember how to make paper book covers from jr. high, right?

If you want to have some fun with it, use comics, posters, or newspaper. Love this idea for a kids room. This idea makes it easy to bring in a fun graphic element without breaking the bank.

My third tip is to decorate with glass bottles. They are inexpensive but they make a priceless impact in your space. They create a feeling of light and airiness to any space. Arrange them together in odd numbered groups for best results. 

My fourth tip is to decorate with clocks. I am a huge sucker for a cute clock. But I must admit that I am more of a fan of small desk clocks than of large wall clocks. In fact, come to think of it, I don't even own a wall clock. I do, however, purchase every small desk clock I happen to come across at the thrift store. I might have an issue.

But they are just so pretty and fun. They add a sophisticated flair to any table vignette. Use them as one of three accessories for the perfect, pulled-together look.

My fifth and final tip for this post is to decorate with plants. Bringing some of the outdoors in is an important part in any design. But if you are like me, you kill plant like crazy. It's a problem. I love plants. I'm sorry plants :(. 

Luckily there are so many choices of high-quality faux plants out there these days. Mind you, I said high-quality! :)

And succulents are amazingly resilient... and ridiculously beautiful.

 I hope this post helps you in your quest to beautify your home on your budget!

Until next time, XOXO.

Editor's note: All photographs were taken by me. Spaces are model homes in Daybreak. Designers: House of Jade and Alice Lane.
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