How to Stop Worrying

We do it. We think we can't help it. We do it again and again. "Worry... worry, worry, worry, worry. Worry just won't seem to leave my mind alone." I love that song. But I hate to worry. I have found a way, with the help of some awesome advise and perhaps a few self-help books, to drastically reduce the amount I worry. I thought it might help you too!

Love this advice! How to stop worrying.

First of all, there are two types of worry. The first type is something you can actually do something about. Like, "Did I leave my flatiron plugged in?" Or, "Did I double book lunch dates on Thursday?" See,  you could easily go home and make sure you unplugged your flatiron or call a neighbor. You could also follow up with your lunch dates and make sure you didn't double book. There are reasonable worries because you can take action and immediately make an impact or even fix the problem.

The second type of worry is something you really can't do anything about. These are worries like what your one-year-old is going to be like as a teenager, or if you will enough money to retire at age 75, or if your son will go bald pre-maturely. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't think about the future and prepare and plan. I think preparing and planning is good. I am saying, do everything you can to ensure that your baby girl is a good teenager. I am saying, be cautious with your money and invest wisely so you can retire early. I am saying, well... there's not much you can do... that kid is going bald for sure.

There is always going to be something to worry about. But are you going to let worry get the best of you? I say, no thanks.

Here's a little trick. I picture my worries as fluffy dandelions. When I feel a worry coming on I ask myself if it's anything I can realistically do anything about right now. If the answer is no, I picture myself plucking that dandelion and blowing every last bit of that fluff off the stem. Those little bits of fluff are all that's left of my worry. They blow away in the wind and I move on.

You might be thinking... it's not that simple. But it is. It really is. You can pluck that worry up and send it floating away. Try it.

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