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I'm a mom. On top of that... I am old enough to have kids in high school. I don't have kids in high school but the other day I realized that if I have had my first kid at the age my mom had my older brother, I would indeed have a kid in high school right now! That kinda freaked me out... like, a lot. But in my own mind I'm still young and fun (I'm guessing you other 30-somethings can relate). Lately, in my Pinterest pursuits I have I have been admiring Fall fashions posted by stunning 20-something fashion bloggers.  "Wow," I think to myself. But then I think, "Where would I possibly wear that." I love clothes and I love shopping. But I also love a good deal. And I really love comfort and practicality. Plus, let's face it... my days in a mini skirt are long gone.

How to build a custom frame.

Cute outfit idea... I could actually wear this.

That's why I am going to share my real-life outfits with you. This particular outfit is something I would wear to my kid's school or to run errands.

Shop this look... 
I am wearing:
Chambray Shirt (DKNY - found at TJ Maxx) SIMILAR
Stripped Sweater (Banana Republic Outlet) SIMILAR
Hobo Bag (HauteLook Deal) SIMILAR
Olive Pants (J.Crew Outlet) SIMILAR
Oxford Booties (Target on sale for $10 at the end of the season) SIMILAR
Necklace (A Modern Boutique) SIMILAR
Bracelets (Charming Charlie)

Cute outfit idea... I could actually wear this.

It's amazing how just a few extra touches can make a super simple outfit into something special. 

Here are a few of my favorite striped sweaters.

Cute outfit idea... I could actually wear this.

But I still feel cozy and comfortable. I don't know about you, but I REALLY cannot do the "Heels in Target" Look. 

Cute outfit idea... I could actually wear this.

I'm a sucker for a good flap pocket. I love the way J. Crew pants fit me. My advice is to find a brand that works great for you.

Cute outfit idea... I could actually wear this.

This pic was snapped when my neighbor came out and started watching me "model" this outfit (I didn't feel dork at all). Oh, life in suburbia.

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