Home for the Holidays Fundraiser & Bog Hop

Today I have a very special post for you. Yes, I have rounded up some really gorgeous hand-made Christmas ornaments for you... but that's not all! I want to introduce you to a very special family. I also want to give you the opportunity to do some good this Christmas season...

Imagine leaving everything you know for the possibility of a better life. Saving and working for 18 years to make it a reality. That's exactly what Priscila did. It was her dream to bring her little family, husband Marcos and young son Adam, from Brazil to the United States. They spent months filing papers, she left her teaching job and he left his career and came with only with what they could fit in their luggage. With only days to find housing and not knowing the area, they rented an apartment very quickly only to discover that it was in an "undesirable" part of town. Police are constantly in and out of the complex, knocking on the neighbor's door. Their small son isn't safe playing outside.

We have found them an apartment in a great, family-friendly area. The landlords are willing to pay them the $2000 it will cost to get out of their lease if they clean and fix up the apartment. However, they will loose $1000 of their deposit. We are trying to raise $2000 to help them this Holiday Season!  The money raised through this campaign will all go to finding furniture for the family and giving them a cozy "home for the holidays."

I just love the girls that are helping me with this little project! They are all posting something that means "Home for the Holidays" to them so please make sure you go check out their blogs. They are all so talented and beautiful!

Kristen: Capturing Joy  |  Andie: Maybe I Will  |  Aly: Entirely Eventful Day  |   Mallory & Savannah: Classy Clutter  |  Steffany & Melanie: Find it, Make it, Love it  |  Landee: Landee See, Landee Do

Meet the Tabosa Family! Priscila, Marcos, and Adam.  Priscila was a teacher and Marcos was a chemical teach in Brazil. She's pretty fluent in English while her husband and son speak very little. 

Adam, such a sweet boy, looks forward to learning English. He loves it here in the U.S. You should have seen him at Halloween! He gazed in amazement at the festivities.

Family is the most important thing to the Tabosas. They are forever thankful for any help you are able to offer. They are such a humble and loving family.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays from the Tabosa Family!

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