How to make a Custom Desk Pad (Part Two)

Once upon a time, I had a wonderful idea. My Custom Desk Pad. It was a beautiful thing and it worked so well with my coral and aqua home office. But alas, I have an issue. An issue that causes me to need to change things. And so I redecorated my home office. And so, obviously, I had to redo my custom desk pad. But, here's the thing... while I loved the look and the function of my old desk pad, I noticed that the spray adhesive I used seemed to wear off a little after a few months. So I made a version (this version) that is a little more durable.

It's your lucky day... I made a video!

Rather than spray adhesive, I used PVA, a book-binding adhesive. I found this at Paper Source but you can Order PVA HERE.

Spread adhesive with a foam brush. Lay the printed side of your wrapping paper over the adhesive and flatten. Don't worry too much about air bubbles. This adhesive is amazing at leveling things out.

Lightly (don't get aggressive or you will rip your paper) flatten. Flip over.

Continue to press the pad to the paper for several minutes.

Position some objects on the corners as it dries.

Cut out around the pad.

Add a little adhesive to the corners and the edges.

Make sure the corners are adhered really well.

Now, put it in your super cute office and make it even super cuter.

If you do this, make sure you let me know. I would love to see your project!!!

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