Do Small Things with Great Love {Free Printable}

I love this quote. I love this idea. Because who really does huge things on a daily basis. Not me. I just go along, living my life, trying to do a little good here and there. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. But I really love the idea of doing the little things that I can do with as much love as possible. I hope you like this quote and print as much as I do. {YOU MIGHT LIKE: MY PRINTABLES}

Nothing would make me happier than you printing this and displaying it in your home. There is just something about uplifting quotes around our homes that make them a better place to live.

I hung this print next to my Magnetic Jewelry Organizer {coming soon} in my master bedroom. I really love reading it every day. It seriously does make me feel better and remind me to do the little things with more love, more consideration, more enthusiasm.

I hope you use this print! It would make me feel like I did a little something to make someone a little happier today.  XOXO

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