Peach Basil Salad Recipe

It's time for peaches! I love everything about peaches... well, everything but the fuzzy skin. I hope you agree that peaches are just divine. And with this little recipe they are even more divine. I discovered the amazing combination of peaches and basil after a trip to my neighborhood farm market. I hope you have a farm down the street from your house. And I hope they have a little market there. It's one of my favorite things about where I live.

The perfect treat during Peach season. Peaches and basil are magical together. #peaches #food #recipes

The peaches and fresh basil were in the same bag and together they smelled magical... So I decided to combine them in a salad of sorts. I am so glad I did!

Peel peaches. 
Slice as desired. I halved mine but you could cut them up more.
Chop basil

The dressing is simply agave and water. 

combine & enjoy!

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