Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Meals for Seriously Busy Moms

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Today I am going to share some photos of myself in spandex. Ok, so... now that you're totally interested (or maybe not)... keep reading...

I'm a busy mom.

I'm also a group fitness instructor and all-around fitness fanatic.

In fact, I picked up these Honestly Good meals during a trip to Target to get some new work-out clothes.

I'm not going to lie, teaching fitness classes, mothering my crazy kids, writing this here blog, running a small business... and everything else I have on my plate (pun intended) is exhausting!

I need fuel!

That's where Lean Cuisine's new Honestly Good meals come in...
When I teach a class in the morning, by lunch time I will put just about anything in my mouth (preferably cookies). But then I feel so icky.

Lean Cuisine has launched a NEW collection of Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals featuring six different varieties full of 100% all natural, wholesome ingredients with a sauce you can add yourself.

Just a few minutes in the micro and I have myself a nutritious meal. The best part is, it's just for me... the kids can still have quesedillas and apple slices, but I don't have to!

My favorite was the Lemongrass Salmon. I mean, come on, coconut crusted... yes please.

Did I mention that together with their farmers, they’re donating a portion of the vegetables grown for LEAN CUISINE HONESTLY GOOD meals to local communities.

This is what my plate looked like in 1.2 minutes. I may or my not have been salivating while I took these photos.

The best part was how good I felt after I scarfed it down!
Just think of all the protein and amino acids :)

But a girl can't eat salmon everyday... or can she? Regardless, I also enjoy the Pomegranate Chicken... ya know, when I'm feeling like chicken.

The new Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals are: Honey Citrus Chicken, Lemongrass Salmon, Pineapple Black Pepper Beef, Plum Ginger Grain-Crusted Fish, Pomegranate Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper Chicken

My mom (total health nut) always says that the more colorful your plate, the better... I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about M&Ms. Just look at all that lovely, colorful, nutrition!

PS this is a sponsored post (obviously) but you know I won't tell you I love it if I don't.

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