First Day of Preschool Chalkboard Printable

My little buddy went to preschool for the first time last week. No one has ever been so excited for anything before! I thought he might bust something while he waited for the minutes to tick by. What a doll! He's my baby so it was a little surreal to send him to school for the first time. But can I just ask, why is preschool so short? And only 2 days a week, COME ON. 

Here he is in all his preschool glory! 

Please feel free to download this printable and use it for your little one's first day of preschool!

Here's to a few hours of silence...

But could he be cuter?

Please notice the flagstone pathway that I created (all by my lonesome). Tutorial coming soon!

This photo was taken outside of his preschool. He's thinking, "This just got real."

You might also recognize this frame from yesterday's Fall Printable post. I took it right off the door. You gotta do what you gotta do!

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