Dream on a Dime: A Blogger Project

This is project that is near and dear to my heart. I have friend. Her name is Suzy. Suzy and I met through a mutual friend. Suzie does my nails. She's also a flight attendant. She is also mom to two teenage kids. Suzie is single, and has been for about 12 years. She works day and night, literally. She flies through the night and does nails from her home during the day.

Dream on a Dime all started one day when my friend and I (the mutual friend) were getting our nails done at Susie's home. Suzie pointed out that her walls had been primed for six years! She also told us that her Jr. high-aged daughter didn't want to have friends over because she was embarrassed of their home. "Um, I'll help you paint your house Susie," I offered. It was too much for me to take. I really felt for that girl. See, I love my home. I am proud of my home. I love to make it beautiful. I love for other's to enjoy it's beauty. I think everyone deserves to have beautiful surroundings.

This photo above was taken the very day I offered to help (more "before" photos). Poor Susie was doing my friend's nails when I snapped this. She yelled from the other room... I took it anyway. Susie is a busy woman. Her kitchen had very little storage and, as you can see, it was bursting at the seems.

The story goes on: with no expectations I posted a request for help painting Susie's house in a local blogger group. I had so many replies. So many willing helping hands. I was thrilled and overwhelmed. That's when it hit me... use the power of bloggers to really do something great for someone else!

Dream on a Dime: A Blogger Project was born! I recruited Jen from Tatertots and Jello, Joni from Just Between Friends, Whitney from A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow, Jesseca From One Sweet Appetite and I am sure other bloggers will be joining in... everyone is welcome!

First thing's first! We had the kitchen demolished! And laid this amazing tile from Emser Tile. You guys, let's just dwell upon this tile for a moment... it's beautiful! Jen picked it out and she obviously nailed it! The Emser people were so gracious and generous! We seriously love them.

Now what? Glad you asked! You aren't going to believe this but... IKEA is making over Susie's kitchen! {insert giddy jumping up and down} Can you believe it? I mean, you know how amazing IKEA kitchens are right? Joni actually worked with the IKEA Kitchen Specialists along the way to design the PERFECT IKEA kitchen for the space! Did you know that you can do it all yourself OR you can work with specialist along the way... bonus! You are going to DIE when you see how much storage Susie is going to have!!!

Plus!!! I am seriously impressed with the quality you guys. Did you know that IKEA kitchens have a 25 Year Guarantee??? I'm not even kidding.

This is what it looks like now. I chose the paint color. I am so in love with Mindful Gray, Sherwin Williams. It's just the perfect gray so light and warm. Painting tip: when you have low ceilings and you are painting a neutral, paint the ceiling too. It works perfectly with this color! I also used it in my daughter's room.

So please stay tuned for more developments and follow me on Instagram if you are interested in attending one of our painting or decorating parties at Susie's (it's just a nice way of saying free manual labor).

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