How to Dye Ombre Towels & Laundry Printable

I love blue. I love that I was able to share this post on Kojo Designs last month. And now I'm going to share it with you!

I don't know about your family, but we practically live at the pool/beach these days. So, I'm also going to show you how to dye a fabulous ombre pool/beach towel! These towels will look totally cute with my Laundry Printable that's in my Etsy shop (only 5 bucks)...

It comes in blue, as you can see. But it also comes in yellow and coral! {The yellow has been super popular.}

Now that you're really excited about your new print, it's time to custom dye your new ombre towels! Here's how cute they are...

This hand towel is an example of one that I dipped all the way (didn't leave any white).  So if you're in the mood for a little more color...

What you will need:
Rit dye (I used Teal)
a dowel (find them at the home improvement store)

First, get your towel totally wet and roll it around your dowel. If you are dying a larger towel you want to double it over long ways first and then roll it.

I dye in my sink because it's stainless steel. I don't recommend using your sink if it's made of anything else. Use a bucket instead.

So now you have it rolled round your dowel and you can dip it in your dye bath. 

Dip about 6 inches at a time and let it absorb the color for 5-10 minutes on each section. I like to dip about 12 inches, then take about 6 inches out, and so forth.

I wanted the lightest part of my towel in the middle, so... I dyed one side, rinsed it (making sure not to touch the white part to the dyed part). Then I rolled the dyed part onto the dowel and dyed the other side using the same method.

I kept the middle section white and held it out of the way while I rinsed the dyed parts.

Accoring to the bottle directions, when you are finished dying you are going to throw it in the washing machine. Wash your dyed towels by themselves. The white part will pick up some of the dye in the wash.

You will end up with a nice soft color in the middle of your towel and a deeper color at the ends of your towel. 

I love the beachy look! I can't wait to lounge at the pool/beach with this beauty!

I hope you try this and make your own pretty towels! 
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