Mexican Limeade Recipe

One of my sister-in-laws is Mexican. She's a great cook. I would like to thank her for showing me how to make Mexican Limeade! And for all the guacamole she has made over the years. Man, I wish she lived closer!

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She taught me how to make it right and then I added a little extra deliciousness (what? I couldn't help myself).  Disclaimer, sweetness for this recipe varies based on your limes. I usually make large batches of it for parties. So just be prepared to add a little more of this or some of that...

Sparkling Mexican Limeade Recipe. So refreshing! #recipe #drinks #summer

Warning: I made this stuff, took a pic and guzzled it down.

What you need:
6 to 10 limes or lemons cut in half
Approx. 3 cups water
4 cups Sprite
2 scoops powdered Lemonade mix (add to taste)
Agave, if you want a suger alternative (sweeten to taste)
Ice cubes

What to do: This is not a perfect science, so don't be afraid to experiment a little. Wash your limes. Cut the limes in half. Place the halved limes or lemons in the blender with 4 cups of water. Blend until the limes or lemon is completely pulverized, the mixture should look like this...

Sparkling Mexican Limeade Recipe

Strain the limeade (I usually end up using my hands a little) and add the Sprite and Lemonde powder. Add water to taste. If more sweetness is desired, add agave to taste. Serve with ice.

Don't be afraid, you do actually blend the entire lime, peel and all. Trust me, it's yummy!

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