Gold Rimmed Basket Tutorial {and Sneak Peek!}

This Gold Rimmed Basket is part of my daughter's blue and pink bedroom. I have been working on it on and off for a couple months and now it's finally finished! Are you so excited? You can find a sneak peek at the bottom of this post. I am just thrilled about how it turned out. It's so bright and fresh. Perfect for a nine-year-old girl.

A great room is all about the details (and the details in the details). So, I decided to make her basket just a little special... here's how...

I started with a regular wicker basket.

Added a couple coats of white gloss spray paint.

Then I taped off the rim on the basket on both the outside and inside and carefully sprayed the rim. If are you in the mood to be really careful, cover the white part of the basket before you spray. But on this particular day I was feeling a little extra confident in my spray painting abilities.

See! It turned out cute!

And now for the sneak peak! I will be posting about the entire room in a week or two. Serious cuteness!

I must admit that I am kinda jealous of her room. I mean, it's pretty great. Luckily she let's me hangout with her in there sometimes. :)
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