Gold Leaf Heart Notebook Tutorial

I made this gold leaf notebook for a dear friend whose father passed away. I think writing is the best therapy. Sometimes I just need to write it down, get it out, and throw it away.  I thought maybe she would like a place to write about her dad.  There is a piece of the heart missing because when a loved one passes they take a piece of us with them.

How to make a gold leaf heart notebook! Love the idea of the missing piece. So sweet! #notebook #crafts

You could also keep the heart whole and it would be super cute.

First I "gold leafed" the pages.  I just lay the book on the ground sandwiched between two pieces of foam board.  I stood on top and sprayed it with gold spray paint.  Do one edge at a time and make sure there are no gaps between your book and foam borad. Also, make sure your foam board is in good condition and has straight edges.

I applied one fairly light coat.

Now for the gold leaf!

Cut a heart in your gold leaf. I had lots of practice cutting hearts in elementary school so I just free-handed it. ;)

Next you are going to want to lay your heart on a disposable surface, I used a napkin.   Apply a coat of spray adhesive, pick it up without touching the sticky side and lay it on your notebook cover.

To remove a piece of the heart I simply touched it with my fingers right after I lay the leaf on the book. It stuck and I just pulled a little off. You can choose to skip this step and let it sit for about 20 seconds and then lay a piece of paper over the heart and press it down.

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And there you have it: a thoughtful gift (or something pretty for you) whether or not you leave the heart whole or take a little piece of it. I hope you will try it!

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