You Will Do Great Things Printable

I shared this printable originally on All Things Thrifty a couple weeks ago. Take a minute and read the story below... I hope you love this printable as much as I do!  If you like it, please check out my other printables.

Free Printable - awesome message for little girls! #printable

I have a daughter. She is amazing. Sometimes she worries. Sometimes she doesn't understand how amazing she is.  Math is too hard. Friends are mean. She thinks she's not pretty enough. At night I sit on her bed and tell her how amazing she is. It tell her that she doesn't have to be good at everything, she just has to find something and love it. I tell her, "You will do GREAT things." I make her say it back to me.

I created this printable for my little girl. And for your little girl. For every little girl who got made fun of today. For every little girl who thinks her hair isn't the right shade of blonde, who has a hard time learning to read, who wonders what her future holds. To all those little girls I say, "You will do GREAT things."

Free Printable - awesome message for little girls! #printable

This printable is FREE to download (click here to download).  I hope you frame it and hang it in your little girl's room.  I will certainly be hanging it in my daughter's room.  

Here's to girls growing into strong, confident women.

I also created it in a pretty teal blue :)

Free Printable - awesome message for little girls! #printable

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