Resolution One: Life is a Daring Adventure

I resolve to have more daring adventures with my family.  The "with my family" part is the most important part of this resolution.  Let's face it, I have more fun when I'm not taking care of three kids.  I have friends who go on and on about the fun they have with their kids and I just stare at them blankly.  I don't dare mention that I actually prefer leaving them with grandma and heading for my fun with my husband or friends.  But alas, I think it's more of an attitude problem... my attitude problem.

The other day we took the kids and my parents to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville Utah.  Normally I dread driving for an extended period of time with the kids.  But we were going to Logan to deliver gifts to a migrant worker family (our Christmas service project) and I thought it would be a fun excursion.  My husband and I would go there fairly often before we had kids.

I am so glad we went on this little adventure!  The kids loved it!  We all loved it!  It was like a little taste of Summer in the middle of a bitter Winter.  It felt so wonderful to be outside (in a swimsuit) without being cold.  The sun was shining and the water was warm.

They have a water slide there.  What a dream to go down a water slide, outside, in the Winter.  The steps to the top of the slide were frozen.  It was quite an adventure.

This is how crowded it was on a Saturday afternoon.  My kids informed me early on not to drink the water.  Oh thanks, because I was considering it.  It's mineral water.  You see the little waterfall in the photo above?  That's the water source.  It's coming from underground.  That is some hot water.

I thought this sign was funny.  We were in rural Utah after all.

I have resolved to do more unexpected things with my little family.  I have resolved to give my kids more memories and experiences.  I have resolved to have more daring adventures with the people I love most.

What are your resolutions?
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