Pomegranate Pie Recipe

I want to share one of my absolute favorites with you!  Brace yourself for my Pomegranate Pie Recipe. This is so easy and fast (except for seeding the pomegranate).  Everyone will be so impressed with your culinary skills.  It's delicious and oh so pretty!

Pomegranate pie... this is crazy delish and so easy!

Pomegranate Pie Recipe (it's so simple!)

One box of Raspberry Danish Dessert - prepare as directed for pie filling
One pomegranate seeded
One Graham Cracker pie crust (you can opt for store-bought to make it super easy)

Prepare the Danish Dessert, let it cool slightly, add pomegranate seeds, pour into graham cracker pie crust.  Refrigerate as per Danish Dessert box directions.  Serve chilled topped with fresh whipped cream.


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