Las Vegas Themed Party

Viva Las Vegas!  This was a party we did for a group of fabulous entertainers.  It was a sort of showcase.  They invited companies who hire entertainers so they could show them their stuff.  They were all super great BTW.  We loved the opportunity to work with J Hewlett Events and Jason Hewlett (ahh, we just love him!)

We decided it would be fun to do a Vintage Las Vegas Party Theme.

Las Vegas Party Theme

The color scheme for this party was black, white, and red with a pop of turquoise.  Read more about selecting a party color scheme.

I really love this playing card garland.  It was so easy to make.  All it took was some playing cards from the dollar store, baker's twine, and a hot glue gun.  We used safety pins from underneath the table cloth to secure and swag the garland.

Up close and personal with the playing card garland

Let's talk about food!  Wait, let's talk about using party food as decor.  Now that's more like it.

You're party food should be the life of the party!!!

The chevron baking cups could not be cuter.  This is the perfect party snack.  We filled them with pub mix from Costco.  So super easy and cute.

Stack, arrange, rearrange.  Presentation is everything.  Work to fill your table with delicious  pretty food and add in decorations that will make your spread look even more appetizing.

Here we used apothecary jars filled with turquoise rock candy pops and red and silver mini mirror ball ornaments.  We also added turquoise votives and a couple red platters.

Food labels are such a wonderful touch.  They not only let your guests know what's on the table, they can also add color and interest to your table.  PS these macaroons from Tres Sucre are to die for! 

Stay tuned for the recipe for these super delish and crazy-easy Balsamic Sun dried Tomato Brushetta.  You can thank me later ;)

 Disco balls!  Yes please.  Some of the balls are just large Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby.

Welcome to the party!  We created this record wall because there was this ugly wall in the middle of the room.  We just got a bunch of records and the thrift store and stuck them up there.  I'm really kinda bummed that this is the only photo we have of it.

This is what the party looked like in action.  Jason Hewlett, the Entertainer, was the gracious host.  I love that his outfit matched the decor.  (No, that didn't happen by chance.)

Oh hello there!  Courtney and Aly posing behind the yummy spread.

On to the entertainment!

 This guy is named Jeff Civillico.  I literally laughed so hard I cried during his show!

The entertainers included Lokal Grown (a fun band that plays interactive shows... super fun), Standup Comedian Shawn Rapier, and Corporate Entertainer Jeff Civillico (mentioned above).  Jason Hewlett was Master of Cerimonies.  I seriously recommend all of these guys so highly!

Now the question is... are you going to try this party idea?  Can't you just imagine you and your friends enjoying a fun Vintage Vegas Party?

All photo credits: Laci Davis Photography

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