DIY Crate Shelves

This is a really simple and easy DIY project.  How to make shelves from crates from the craft store. This little project actually spurred an entire master bathroom makeover.

DIY Crate Shelves

It all started because I needed a place to store certain hygienic items.  My master bedroom has a water closet.  And it was basically just that, a closet with a toilet in it.  I had a couple of these simple crates from Michaels on hand and I thought they might just be the ticket.

I stained the crates using a dark, true-brown stain, like this one.

The trickiest part was mounting the shelves. 
  1. Locate wall studs 
  2. Drill a pilot hole
  3. Use brackets pictured below to secure the shelves.

Don't forget to check out my entire master bathroom makeover.  

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