Decorating with Milk Glass

I have a slight milk glass obsession.  There, I said it.  Ever since I saw my Aunt Pamela's collection I may have an unhealthy desire to own as much of it as possible.  She, Pamela, had white kitchen cabinets and red walls.  Her vast milk glass collection created a sort of skyline on top of her cabinets.  This was years ago.  I have since begun my own collection.  Pamela helped quite a bit actually.  She is a true treasure hunter and was kind enough to grab a piece here and there for me.  I'm sure she has no idea how much I appreciate it.

Tips for Decorating with Milk Glass

Tips for decorating with milk glass:

  • Think Groupings
  • Appreciate structure
  • Combine with color

One or two pieces of milk glass are fun, but for real impact, you want to group pieces together.  I find that groups of three work best.

Group milk glass together in threes.  Vary the hight and shape.
I really like using three pieces that similar in style (pedestal) together.  Here is in example of a grouping from my office bookshelf.

I also like using milk glass as bookends.
It's fun to use in small, unexpected ways.

What's so great about milk glass?

I think what I love most about milk glass is the structure of it.  One of my favorite pieces (above) just has so much pretty structure   Combine that with the blue backdrop and all the impact of a large collection and it's just so great!

Milk glass doesn't need to be vintage.  I got these amazing drinking glasses at IKEA for super cheap.  They look right at home with my vintage collection.

Combine milk glass with color!

Milk glass really makes color pop.  A saturated backdrop or some vibrant oranges really allow you to appreciate the details of the milk glass.  White on white is pretty too, but I prefer a little color.

I hope you like milk glass as much as I do.

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