A Bee Themed Party

What's more summery than the honey bee?  If you are looking for an idea for a friendly summer get together, this may be just the ticket.  Check out our Honey Bee Themed Party.

honey bee themed party

Do you just love these bee shaped cookies?  Me too!  Thanks to Topsy Turvy for making them just super awesome.  Party Hint: a food that reflects your theme is a great way to inexpensively add decor.

We gave our guests a bottle of fresh honey!  They were the perfect party favor.  The corks were sealed with wax.  They were way cute!

What's to drink? A beautiful variety of lemonades... watermelon, strawberry, raspberry-mint.  So refreshing.

This was a VIP party for the unveiling of the DIY Blogger House project.  The project itself was a huge success.  The house swept every category in the Parade of Homes.  Entirely Eventful CEO, Aly Brooks, actually crafted the concept and was the project manager for the entire project.  Over 3,000 people visited the home and millions visited via the world wide web.

The house was beautiful and called for a celebration.  So we created a VIP party for bloggers and the press.

Here's to hoping you create your own Honey Bee Themed Party!

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